Property Management

Implicity provides a range of Property Management services such as the following:

  • Experienced corporate oversight of every property: An exceptional corporate team with experienced District Managers working together to oversee every property. These professionals are expected and empowered to take the necessary steps to ensure consistent compliance and enhance property value. The flexibility and constant attention of this experienced team provides multi-family owners with meaningful strategic planning and efficient management to maximize investment potential. Rigorous policies and procedures plus standard operating practices are adhered to by all on-site staff.
  • Aggressive marketing and leasing support: Implicity prides itself in its innovative and successful property leasing programs. These services include full marketing of the property, qualifying prospective tenants, and closing the transactions.
  • Cost benefits through consolidated purchasing leverage: Corporate Purchasing Programs provide significant cost savings by leveraging a larger annual volume of transactions. National contracts are available for appliances, and long distance telephone, for example. In addition, electricity services are aggregated and group insurance plans have been negotiated. 
  • Comprehensive financial and operational reports: Supported by detailed financial reporting and strong internal controls, the Implicity team is able to closely monitor the management, leasing, and financial results of each multi-family community. Regular reviews and analysis are conducted throughout the month so that the team can respond quickly to changing market or operational conditions. 

Due Diligence Surveys

Implicity has extensive experience with the purchase and sale of multi-family rental properties. Our Due Diligence Surveys can identify operational and physical problems for prospective buyers and isolate the marketing and financial issues of a property for purchase or for sale. The comprehensive reports consist of complete inspections of the subject property, including exteriors and unit interiors, lease audits, rent rolls, market analysis, financial statements, and a preliminary operating capital budget.

Construction Management

Construction Management Services are designed to generate the maximum benefit for each dollar spent. This begins by developing a business plan to meet owner objectives, determining the scope of the project, and bidding the work with insured subcontractors. Supervision of the construction process is performed with scheduled inspection of the property, processing draw requests, tracking the status of projects through completion, and approving final work. Implicity also provides an extensive bid control process for subcontractors. This is a supervisory function whereby reconstruction, capital improvements, and enhancements are identified. The process includes developing the scope of work, identifying expectations, receiving bids, and obtaining owner approval. Vendor Qualification performs the appropriate due diligence for all contractors and ensures that all on-site vendors provide proof of minimum insurance coverage requirements. This assists in reducing exposure to liability claims resulting from personal injury and property damage by vendors.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Implicity Management Company has a successful history of serving as a Strategic Partner for a variety of real estate clients, thereby earning a highly regarded reputation for innovation, sound research, and objective advice.

Implicity’s significant network knowledge, insight, and on-the-ground experience are uniquely valuable to our clients.
The following range of real estate advisory services can be carefully tailored to the needs of our clients:

  • Acquisition Analyses
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Operational Performance Evaluation
  • Property Tax Assessment Analysis and Representation
  • Toxic Materials (asbestos, lead and mold) Remediation and Reconstruction Management

Implicity Management Company has an outstanding referral network with a wide variety of specializations that can be deployed when needed to support our clients’ projects.